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U’ceet U’ka’kuxtal

Photography Series

Each particle of land in Oxkutzcab, Yucatan reveals history, its rocks preserve Mayan ancestor’s souls and memories. Humans migrate as other beings. I migrated to this city because others migrated to the United States, some of them went back home to buy land and cultivate citrics, others were deported to Tijuana. I was invited to this small city by an inhabitant of the Tijuana River while we observed the nature of the river. When I finally traveled to the other peninsula it became my home.

U’ceet is a particle that revives in Mayan land, a teacher of white and red sand, who has taught me how to make natural chewing gum, music with gourd, to walk in the dark and in the woods. Also that limestone can filter water. Oranges have gas, the trees have scars and achiote seed is a lipstick. That a hal’tun is a rock with a hole that keeps water from rain and can be recycled in emergencies. The fireflies are in danger of extinction. Tortilla tea exists, the winds can listen to us and can complain. I learned that when new grottoes are discovered a mediator connects with the ancient Mayans and asks them to remove the “air” that protects their territories from actual danger. The animals are nobly raised with love, they eat before their owners and those who are sacrificed have a virtue of automatically reincarnating as energy for whoever eats them. The devils fruit is a mushroom and the cenotes are the connection with the universe since Earth evolved again.

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