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Transborder artist, thinker and researcher who lives between Tijuana and San Diego. Master in Fine Arts by the University of California in San Diego UCSD 2021. She was a member of the program Young Creators from the National Endowment of Art and Culture FONCA 2011-2012 and 2016-2017, and has received other grants. She has designed and led creativity programs in communities, museums and galleries. She has co-directed and produced short films and a feature documentary film. Her work has been presented and shown in Mexico, California, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Italia, Alemania.


My work investigates ways to dissolve limits of time and space. I mix different levels of memories such as macro/micro cosmic, geological, regional, sociocultural, ancestral, and genealogical to create reality based fictions. The approach to different people and other beings allow me to make hypotheses based on experiences. My research explores the concept of migration of human beings between territories, and the migration of substances that inhabit the universe as matter. My practice is transdisciplinary and experiential, I use photography, installation, video, documentary, sound, text, sculpture, photomicrography, science, performance. I also collaborate with communities, family, friends, non-human species and the Earth.

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