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70% of the planet is covered with water.

Many living bodies are formed by 70% of water.


Once I felt the sea inside my body.


It was during gestational metamorphosis when my womb started generating water. An evolving microorganism inhabited me, at the same time I experienced a transformation. Life starts being invisible, there’s also an infinity of non-visible living matter. Such as the gasses, this universe, diatoms and plankton. The sea is what unites us. We coexist exchanging energy that makes the world move. As long as there is water. Even if the ocean isn’t a common body, their tangible characteristics change with the distance. Its language, composition and dynamics differ according to its geographical point. The sea is a liquid material that experiences unstoppable transformations; these can be natural, artificial, predictable and unexpected


The ocean separates continents and their countries divide us. Human race tends to control the flux of bodies in displacement, blocking or redirecting the mobility of nature. The idea of power intervenes with social individuals, animals, insects, communities, lands, coasts, etc. Some are mutated without consent, like the ocean who participates in the division of lands as Playas de Tijuana littoral, which is deformed by permanent deep holes of a grounded border fence. This part of the pacific ocean is divided as nations to achieve separation of human species. Similarly human decisions against the planet create invisible borders making society think that us, humans, are superior.


To capture landscapes and invisible life surrounding the reality of a border in the Pacific Ocean, I abstracted drops of water and matter from Playas de Tijuana, then analyzed them at a microscopic level. I thought about emulating the ongoing metamorphosis in my womb, so I kept water in a dark bottle for 9 days. With this simple process of human intervention, some micro-species were reproduced. In contrast, I exposed droplets from the ocean to the air, the process of evaporation transformed them into codes of salt and dried flora. These samples of the sea reveal that we are together more than a human reality.

Last Night at Playas de Tijuana

video installation 2:11 min and photomicrographs

Tijuana, California - San Ysidro Baja

Pacific Ocean


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