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Commute Soil Studies

series of photomicrographs different sizes, Ziploc bag with dirt from downtown and the Tijuana river, international border checkpoint and Interstate 5 North, geographical coordinates list and video 10:33 min

Tijuana/San Diego


Experiment that consists in abstracting data from the planet, in this case soil from my daily commute. I make visual explorations using a microscope to observe the different characteristics of each sample. Then, I examine how the soil is transformed according to its context and the graphical coordinates where each piece of matter inhabits.


With this series of documentations, I reflect on the idea that earth is only one territory, whose divisions are known as states. In this example, Baja California/California, where the ground changes, not because they’re different countries, but because of their location, vegetation, weather and interventions of the human species in its determined areas.

My discoveries include that Earth has different personalities and characteristics without ceasing to be one. I also realized that the diversity of species inhabiting this planet reflects its nature with ours, living a constant transition during the same time. Lastly, I make visible the duality between similarity and difference, something that is manifested in any material dimension and it is permanent.

Installation View for Femme Vitale Group Exhibition in  Perspectives Space, Encinitas CA 2022

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